Shortage parts supply: Hermes provides quotations with customer in the fastest way through our broad global supply web which is established via our over 15 year’s global operation, moreover Hermes provides the quickest delivery to customers.

PPV(cost-saving) service: Hermes provides the most advantage price with customer to cut the procurement cost through analysis and comparison of market prices of key parts.

BOM kitting project: For procurement activities of BOM lists feature small quantity and miscellaneous items(such as NPI project),Hermes could help customers do mass procurement so that procurement cost is reduced and efficiency is improved.


Hermes Share Revenue Program(Consignment): We could sign consignment sales contract with customer to help customers to dispose excess stock, sales revenue will be shared according to the contract which could relieve customers from pressure of excess stock and turn excess stock into profit;Customers also could update excess stock list periodically with us so that we could sell these stocks via our broad channels.

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